What if a seller takes the bid money and cancels the listing agreement or never allows me to show the home? Do I get my money back?

All listings undergo a multi-stage verification process prior to publishing, but we encourage agents to practice due diligence before placing a bid or signing a listing agreement.

Home sellers on our platform undergo a strict vetting process. Before a new listing goes live, we complete the following steps: 

     1. Verify the home seller’s identity through LexisNexis
     2. Verify the listing price
     3. Verify that the home seller has not signed an active listing agreement

Additionally, listings that have a match between the individual listing the property and the homeowner's name on the property title will display an "Info Match" badge.

We also confirm that the home seller understands our user agreement and the services that BidMyListing and the winning real estate agent will provide, including the legally binding listing agreement. 

BidMyListing does not release funds until after a listing agreement is signed. Any dispute or failure of the home seller to perform is subject to the terms outlined in the listing agreement.