How do I find listings that I can bid on?

Each listing on our marketplace is color-coded to represent its bidding status. Green and yellow listings are currently available for bids.

Finding listings is easy! After logging in to your BidMyListing account, click "Search" to view an interactive map of listings in your area. You can scroll through the map to view all listings available or use the search bar at the top of the map to enter a specific city.

Each listing on the map is color-coded with a pin to signal its current status: preview/live, expired, bidding period ended, or closed. Agents can use these colors to narrow down their bidding search. 

Listings that you can bid on:

🟢 Green: Live listings (currently accepting bids) and preview listings (will go live at 9am local time the following day). 

Pro tip: Click the "favorite" icon to the right of a preview listing's details to save it. Once the listing goes live, we'll notify you via email and SMS to log back in and place a bid. 

🟡 Yellow: Expired listing that did not receive any bids. Agents can still bid on these listings. 

Listings that you can't bid on:

🔵 Blue: Listing with a bidding period that has ended. The seller is currently deciding which bid to accept. 

⚫️ Black: Listing has closed. The seller accepted an offer and signed a listing agreement with the winning agent. Closed listings remain visible on the map for 90 days. 

We recommend focusing on green (live/preview) listings, as these listings are currently accepting or will soon accept bids, but don’t forget to browse yellow (expired) listings which you can also bid to win. 

Happy bidding!